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2. What is your visiting purpose? (* Duplicate selection)
Seeking/Buying for new products
Collect market and trends information
Attend Seminars & Events
General Visit
3. What is your interest? (* Duplicate selection)
Tableware/ Kitxhen Items
Interior Items
Livingware/ Stationery
Fashion/ Accessories
4. How much is your budget for 'Craft Trend Fair'? (USD)
Under USD 50
USD 50 ~ USD 100
USD 100 ~ USD 500
USD500 ~ USD 1,000
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Over USD 3,000
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Teenage ~ Twenties
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Privacy Policy
1. Visitor & Buyer agree that the personal data provided for registration may be included in the Organizer’s database and used by the Organizer for Business Meeting and promotional purposes.
2. The collected information might be provided to the AKEI (Association of Korea Exhibition Industry) for the verification of the exhibitions objectively, and will not be used for any other purposes.
1) CRAFT TREND FAIR provides better service, for the customer's amicable practice by managing the personal information through NOWIS, the operator of exhibition registration system.
2) CRAFT TREND FAIR manages the personal information based on the personal information protection law, by keeping the secret, restriction on the third sharing, responsibility on any accident, and consign period.
3. Organizer manages the personal information based on the personal information protection law. Without the consent of customers, the Organizer shall not delegate outside companies to treat personal information of customers. If it becomes necessary to do so in the future, the Organizer shall notify customers of the delegated companies and delegated duties right away.
4. The personal information will be terminated right after achieving its purpose.
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